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Customer Tire Reviews

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  • 02/17/2018 - Goodyear - Assurance ComforTred Touring

    I just purchased my 4th Set of Assurance ComforTred, I have these Tires on all three of my Vehicles with the exception of the WeatherReady on another Vehicle, they are Great Tires, however, since they have a very soft compound there is No Way they will last (80,000) Miles, even with proper Rotation and Inflation.

  • 02/16/2018 - Goodyear - Wrangler AT Adventure w/ Kevlar

    I have 18000 miles on these tires and there shot. Got them rotated every 5000 miles. If your looking for a great looking tire they're great.

  • 02/12/2018 - Michelin - Premier AS

    I haven't made a purchase,recently, however, I have read all the reviews, that said, if you want a customer's review, don't stack the deck with more favorable (YES'S) than (NO'S). Actually if you want to improve your processes and quality, your primary focal should be on the no's. "Food For Thought." You are the one's selling a quality produce.

  • 02/12/2018 - Goodyear - Wrangler DuraTrac

    2/9/18: Just put these on my 2006 Dodge Ram so this is an early review. These tires are awesome. They are extremely quiet compared to other AT tires. The tread is beefy and bold. Tested in the rain and never slipped or swayed a single time. Cant wait to put them through the snow or mud test. I don't expect any issues. Pending how they hold up, I will definitely be purchasing these next time.

  • 02/10/2018 - Goodyear - Ultra Grip Winter

    I have owned 2 sets of these so far and am currently purchasing my third set. The set I have on my car right now, I have driven over 57,000 miles on them and in my opinion, definitely is time to replace. Some would say they probably have more use to them, but I know I am done with them as the handling is nothing compared to what it once was, but mind you again, that's 57,000 miles! I have recieved every pennies worth from these and trust no other! They last long, traction is phenominal, they are louder than all-season tires but this you need to remember is expected. I call them my tap shoes... for my car. I can feel safe when I hear them clicking and tapping along the road and they have gotten me home safely from work every day.

  • 02/09/2018 - Economy - All Season

    Tires are noisy. When road is wet noticeable loss of traction. Forget about driving in snow. The last set of tires before these were Yokohama and they were great, they cost more and with my truck having 200,000 miles on it I decided not to spend the extra money. Big mistake.

  • 02/08/2018 - Economy - All Season

    I bought these tires when the weather was good and they worked great. After the first snow fall I wished I spent a little more money on something better. Even in the smallest amount of snow or slush they have absolutely no traction at all. I have been stuck in the snow multiple times. Can’t make it up a hill if it has any snow on it at all. The tread on the front tires are so worn that it is less then half of the rear tires in only about 5,000 miles. I would not recommend these tires.

  • 02/05/2018 - Kelly - Edge A/S

    I have used Kelly tires on my last 3 cars. They ride and handle like premium tires at an economy price.. Very satisfied, especially with the buy 3 get one free deal at Monro.

  • 02/05/2018 - Michelin - Primacy MXM4

    Tire has terrible wet traction. Even break these loose on dry pavement from stoplights in a Volvo C70. Good wear and handling, but disappointing traction. Replacing.

  • 02/04/2018 - Goodyear - Fortera HL

    3 years old only half tread gone.needed to be replace because treads were all cracked .

  • 02/02/2018 - Goodyear - Wrangler DuraTrac

    great tire in all weather conditions. I have a set on a chevy silverado 1/2 ton crew cab with 55,000 miles on them. Still plenty of tread left but you must rotate tires on a regular basis. Awesome tire!

  • 01/29/2018 - Pirelli - Cinturato P7 A/S Plus

    These tires are great for my Chevy Malibu. Good wet and snow traction. No issues so far with 5000 miles. I like my purchase enough that I recommended my sister get the same exact tires and she likes them as well.

  • 01/29/2018 - Kelly - Edge A/S

    Bought these seemed like a nice deal but first set one of the tires had to be replaced because of a bulge in the tire. They wear down faster than any other tire we have used. Had to have repairs for holes more than any other tire also.

  • 01/29/2018 - Goodyear - Assurance Fuel Max

    Excellent for all weather and great fuel efficiency.

  • 01/29/2018 - Goodyear - Assurance Fuel Max

    Excellent tires for all weather and great fuel efficiency.

  • 01/28/2018 - Pirelli - Cinturato P7 A/S Plus

    These tires seem to grip well in the snow. Great wet traction. Nice deep treads but still looks like it would be fuel efficient and they're also quiet on my Chevy Malibu.

  • 01/24/2018 - Michelin - Defender

    I never even realized how badly I needed tires until I drove with these tires! Mr. Tire's pricing was competitive with other retailers but they were very helpful with providing information on the rebate. The tires ride smoothly with nice tread and do well on snow and ice.  I did my research and these tires did not disappoint!

  • 01/23/2018 - Michelin - Defender

    Expensive, but worth it !

  • 01/22/2018 - Michelin - Premier AS

    We are very pleased with our new Michelin tires. The ride is smoother, and traction is good as well. I plan to get them for our other car when they are needed.

  • 01/22/2018 - Michelin - Premier AS

    We are very pleased with our new Michelin tires. The ride is smoother, and traction is good as well. I plan to get them for our other car when they are needed.

  • 01/22/2018 - Michelin - Premier AS

    I also have a newer vehicle and when it is time for tires I will once again go to the Tire Barn for Michelin Tires.

  • 01/20/2018 - Economy - All Season

    My son came in from college for the holidays and needed a tire. Called Ken Towery who had the tire in stock and was able to install quickly. Great value and service!

  • 01/19/2018 - Economy - All Season

    We needed two new tires for our 2005 Scion and these have worked out well.

  • 01/19/2018 - Goodyear - Wrangler Radial

    Second set, First set lasted 50,000 miles.

  • 01/19/2018 - Goodyear - Assurance All Season

    I like that they are American made, but the traction is no good. Also, I can't give an accurate rating of the tread wear is since I haven't even drove 10,000 miles on them yet.

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